What is DBYFFI?

Don Bosco Youth Film Festival of India (DBYFFI) is a Short Film Festival organized simultaneously in over 100 cities and towns in India organized by the South Asian Network of the Salesians to Don Bosco. The Festival, which is non-commercial and competitive, will showcase movies that celebrate the spirit of youth and create platforms for young filmmakers to reach the widest possible audience for their work.

Who is Don Bosco?

Don Bosco was born in Italy in 1815 and spent his entire life working ceaselessly for the welfare of poor and abandoned young people. At a time when the young were looked down upon as a dangerous segment of population, prone to evil and hence, best avoided, Don Bosco befriended them and made their welfare his life's mission. He instilled confidence, dignity and honesty in them, skilled them and set them on the path of integrity and hard work.

Don Bosco was a visionary, who more than a century and half ago fought for the rights of children and teenagers, forbade corporeal punishments in educational institutions and evolved an educational system that today's youth counselors are beginning to believe in and propagate.

Today there are over 50,000 members of the Societies he founded and helped to found and they work in 134 countries, continuing the work for the welfare of poorest of the poor youth.

An incredible opportunity to showcase your
short films in hundreds of Indian cities and towns.